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"Shusan-Isoku" : Kishio Suga

From the interview to Kishio Suga

  Normally I use ordinary materials,nothing special.And how I peel off the ordinariness from the materials and objectify them is a great excitement. And it is an agony at the same time. That is why "Events" is a form I would like to keep challenging.
  It is important to be able to present the stage of "process" as the way it is. People have their destinations and they try to get there. But there is always "on the way" the process. It is awkward to only recognize the destination and ignore the process. It is rather important to carry these elements of the process all together onto the destination, such as the way you walk, the road you travel, the scenery, what you hear and so forth.

Production: Ufer! Art Documentary 1998

Suga Kishio : Shusan-Isoku Home use DVD-R(NTSC)

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