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Yasumasa Morimura, an artist who has been making self-portraits since 1985 by inserting himself into the masterpieces of art history, takes a new motif. That's an "Actress".
In 1996, his new works of Actresses series were presented in the large solo exhibition including some installations in Yokohama Museum of Art.

This art documentary follows, from all angles, Morimura's working to this solo exhibition that is the first large-scale one imbued with contemporaneity in the Japanese public museum. And this documentary was shown for the first time in the Morimura's talk show of this exhibition: " 'I' speaking, 'I' moving"

Participants : Yasumasa Morimura, Takashi Ito
Cinematography : Yasushi Kishimoto, Takahisa Araki
Director & Editing: Yasushi Kishimoto

(C) 1996 Ufer! Art Documentary
48min. COLOR Original format : Betacam SP

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