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A kind of Introduction

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Yasumasa Morimura (born 1951, Osaka) is an artist renowned for his self-portrait series; replacing his own physical body with those portrayed in masterpieces from eastern and western art canons. He is also known for his Hollywood idols series.
In recent years, Morimura has been working in various genres and media, pro-ducing video and performance works as well as appearing in feature movies and theater.
This documentary is the first part of a trilogy that covers all aspects of Morimura as artist. It introduces material ranging from his early actress series to his more recent works with Frida Kahlo, Goya and Vermeer. The film considers Morimura's production process and documents his exhibitions, performances and video works, reflecting on the diversity of his work. The music is composed and performed by Morimura himself.
Incorporating no dialogue the film is, in a sense, a pure video work.

(C) 2005 Ufer! Art Documentary
*Incorporating no dialogue this documentary is, the DVD includes the menu of Japanese and English subtitles for deaf people.

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