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Hatsuimo: tabaimo 1999-2000

This video, titled "hatsu-imo", is the first documentary film on Tabaimo.

Because of the continual failure in her job hunting, Tabaimo was given a chance to present her works. In 1999 she introduced "Japanese Kitchen" at the gallery Iteza in Kyoto. Then at the Art Annual sponsored by Kobe Art Village Center, she presented "Japanese Zebra Crossing".

Tabaimo expresses 'an ordinary oneself', representing the 'current young generation' who have grown up within the systematized Japanese society. I was impressed by the skillfulness of her expression.
In high-school days, she experienced becoming a dropout just because of self-conceit in such her inherited skillfulness. She knows the difficulty of being ordinary.

Her works still count only four and I don't know why they fascinates me so much. Perhaps, I may be one of those who are wanting to like this country, 'nippon', much more. I like to thank 'Japanese Society' that did not employ her along the recruiting process. (May 2001, Yasushi Kishimoto)

Participant and Narrator: Tabaimo
Director: Yasushi Kishimoto
Production Assistant: Nanae Yuyama
English Subtitles: Madoka Futamura & Anne Appathurai

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