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From ruins to light : Georges Rousse

Georges Rousse, who lives in Paris, makes his works in the ruins. He draws on the walls and the floors there. Then he takes a photograph of that drawing. That photograph is his work.

In 1995, January 17th, the Hanshin great earthquake disaster happened in Japan. After about six months, Georges Rousse was invited by the art people concerned, and visited Japan for making works in the buildings be to be pulled down, in the stricken area.

This video looks back on this project, the collaboration between Rousse and the others,with the activities of the executive committee and volunteer assistants.

Director, Images, Editing; Yasushi Kishimoto

Commentaries; Georges Rousse, Aomi Okabe, Kazuhide Miyata, Yasuko Kotani, Jun Ishii

Homevideo; Kazuhide Miyata, Akihiko Morishita
Photograph; Kazuhide Miyata, Jun Ishii
Music; Rei Harakami
Planning; Hanshin Art Project

Production & Copyright; Ufer! Art Documentary 1995
28min. COLOR Original format; BetacamSP

From ruins to light Georges Rousse Home use DVD-R(NTSC)

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