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Living in the foot of a mountain
Yoshinobu Nakagawa 1995-2004

 The scenes, the shapes, the smells and the atmosphere that we experienced when we were young, inhabit our minds whether we are aware of it or not.
 We, in our modern society, witness men's cruelty. These acts we witness are the natural consequences of the loss of memory from our consciousness or the imprinting of a different memory. Once men lose their aspiration for civilization, they return to nature.
 Inspired by nature, Yoshinobu Nakagawa's work seeks to form these pieces of memories. His 20-year career is testament to this fact. Nakagawa, who has lived in Shiga surrounded by the Hira Mountains for about ten years, applies a perspective to his work that is alien to urban life. In his work we find answers to some of the basic questions of existence.
The film introduces Nakagawa's works through his exhibitions over last ten years, his working environment, and interviews.

Living in the foot of a mountain Home use DVD-R(NTSC)
*The DVD includes the track featuring five Nakagawa's exhibitions in the region of their full lengths. (approx. 17 min.)

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