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imo-la tabaimo -2007- 2008 The 26th International Festival of Films on Art in Montreal
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Third documentary of TABAIMO

Born in Hyogo in 1975, Tabaimo is a phenomenon in Japan. A major retrospective of her works was presented at Tokyo's Hara Museum in 2006.

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Her video installations, which incorporate animated films, draw their inspiration from the current social and economic problems, revealing the underbelly of Japanese society.
Her animations combine the nuanced colours of traditional engravings with the sophisticated technology of the computer.


What is it about her pessimistic and phantasmagoric world that captures the interest of so many people?
What will she do next ?

In addition to Ginyo-ru, her most important work since hanabi-ra in 2003, this film surveys her retrospectives at the Hara Museum, the Fondation Cartier, where Tabaimo presented her first solo exhibition in Europe in 2007, as well as the Venice Biennale, reflecting her output over the last eight years.


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imo-la tabaimo -2007-

2007 Directed by Yasushi Kishimoto
Japanese English Subtitles French Subtitles
The 26th International Festival of Films on Art in Montreal


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