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"Double Casting" : Masaaki Nishi

This film is featuring his producing process which he dug up one of his works from the ground after some years for his exhibition at Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art from December 5 in 1998 to January 24 in 1999, him working at his atelier, the exhibition and interviews... as a trace of the history of his activities.

Masaaki Nishi (born in 1946, Hiroshima) has been producing works deeply dealing with nature since early 80'. Such as a work using a ditch dug into the ground as a mold, a work putting up steel bar and stretching it over between outside trees ...

Directed by Yasushi Kishimoto

(C) Ufer! Art Documentary 1999

Masaaki Nishi: Double Casting  Home use DVD-R(NTSC)

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