tabi-imo: Tabaimo 2011-2017


Production Diary


Tabaimo (b. 1975) converts her hand-drawn images into animation and incorporates them into installations, using multi-projection and other means of expression. The film introduces a new endeavor with dance, Bunraku and performance projects, in addition to her exhibitions in N.Y., Zurich, Sydney after the Venezia Biennale in 2011. Tabaimo also collaborated on the Japanese Inn project in Uwajima and with the museum collection at the Seattle Art Museum. In Kyoto, her artistic hometown, she exhibited a piece about the internet incorporating architectural features of the former Bank of Japan. “tabi-imo”, the 6thdocumentary of Tabaimo, reflects back on the artist’s transition through her interviews.

tabi-imo: Tabaimo 2011-2017
Appearance/ Tabaimo Director/Yasushi Kishimoto
Main Truck 60min.
+15 Archives(exhibitions view) approx.113min.